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  • SEOkitten

    test response

    February 24, 2016 by SEOkitten

    Chiming in here from the SEO team at Wikia with a couple of thoughts.

    Some context: Googlebot and other search bots seek to mimic human behavior in evaluating content, so modern SEO is all about user experience. Old school keyword and link manipulation is out of date; search algorithms are too sophisticated and organic search rankings are too closely tied to user behavior. In truth, both users and search bots prefer accurate page titles and site architecture that aids content discovery.

    From the proposed options, I prefer the naming convention Mrkermit outlined (most well-known name, omit Earth-616, including the real name in parenthesis optional) for both UX and SEO reasons.

    Page headings and titles are strong, strong signals, so the best pr…

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